Christoffel van Dyck

Christoffel van Dijck , born in 1605 in Dexheim, died in 1669 in Amsterdam , was a printer and typographer designer Dutch.

He collaborated among others, the Bible Hebrew of Immanuel 'Ati'as , which became known as Otiyot Amsterdam (Amsterdam alphabet) 's and was regularly in the successive printers.

Of his work will remain little hardware, its fonts, templates and other brands that have likely ended Revised by successive buyers background, their immediate practical interest is diminished over time.

Christoffel van Dijck is known to have been the sculptor series have contributed to the reputation of the family firm Elzevir of Leyden. Van Dijck was based in Amsterdam. The date of his arrival in Amsterdam is estimated some time before 1640, in the context of the learning tour goldsmith. The documents concerning his marriage September 11, 1642 with Swaentje Harmens, widow of John de Praet says Christoffel van Dijck is now 36 years old and has never been married before, the address is the Breestraat and its activity is founder of characters. In a subsequent paper in 1642 it appears as a goldsmith, and his address in the Breestraat. Between 1647 and 1649 he had a foundry characters Bloemgracht in Amsterdam but it went bankrupt. After 1650 and until the 1660s his business again became prosperous. We know according to a document dated November 1658 that at that time he engraved the characters, it certifies the promise of punching dies for Armenian cast in two bodies. His son Abraham, who continued his work after his death in 1669 did he have survived only three years.

Christoffel van Dyck

Christoffel van Dyck

In 1937-1938 the British subsidiary of the Lanston Monotype Machine Company American, the Lanston Monotype Corporation Ltd. realized a redesign for its 203 series: Dick van, according to the original seventeenth century, and reservation for rights title ( trademark ). This series is the resumption of Augustine Roman negotiated in 1681 the heriatge the widow of Daniel Elsevier, was conducted under the supervision of Jan van Krimpen , the printing Joh. Enschedé (nl) as a consultant. Van Krimpen, a declared opponent of the copy or adaptation policies historical characters, finally declared satisfied or accepted in any case to declare the result "a learned cast adaptation of a Dutch seventeenth century".

In 1992 Dutch Type Library asked the typographer Gerard Daniel to produce a new design that is based on the work of Christoffel van Dijck: DTL Elzevir. DTL Elzevir is faithful to the original cast type Christoffel, compact and balanced, useful and pleasant for the composition books, it is Augustine Romeyn and considered as according to the inheritance of the widow of Daniel Elsevier.

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