Isidro Ferrer

Isidro Ferrer is an illustrator and graphic designer who originally graduated in Drama and Set Design. Ferrer acted for various theater companies in the 80s, but after an accident with long rehabilitation, he left the stage to discover graphic communication. His early professional in design was as an illustrator for the newspaper El Heraldo de Aragón in 1988. Soon after Ferrer completed graphic training in Barcelona and since elevated himself high on the national and international scene.

In 1989 he created, together with three other professionals, the Chameleon Studio Zaragoza and began to reap various awards, such as the Ministry of Culture at the best edited (1993) by The Flight of Reason Book: A vision of Goya.

Isidro Ferrer

Isidro Ferrer

Isidro Ferrer

Since 1996 he works in his own studio in Huesca with important commissions for publishing groups such as Santillana, Alfaguara, and daily El Pais.

Since 2000 a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and in the same year his work appeared in Signs exposure of the Century. Soon after, in 2002, he received the National Design Prize awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The award was presented by King Juan Carlos I to Isidro Ferrer who showed his opposition to the Iraq War by reading an antiwar poem and was applauded, among others, by the king himself, as picked up the newspaper El Mundo. In addition, in 2006 he won the National Award for the best children's and youth artwork Ministry of Education and Culture for A House for Grandpa.

Isidro Ferrer
During his career as a graphic designer he’s closely linked to the world stage creating numerous posters, a number of them exposed in countries like El Salvador or Peru in the exhibition "Not this." Designs created by Isidro Ferrer in collaboration with Nicolas Sanchez and Sean Mackaouki are included in the National Drama Centre between 2006 and 2009.

In addition to his distinguished career as a designer, poster artist and illustrator, Ferrer has developed audiovisual works for an announcement of the New Beetle from Volkswagen and several curtains of continuity for Canal+, awarded in 2000 with the Spanish Data Protection Agency Award (Spanish Association of Professionals Design).

Occasionally Ferrer teaches workshops on design and illustration, and his work has been shown individually in Croatia, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, at the Cultural Center of Spain in Honduras, El Salvador, Peru and the United States.

Isidro Ferrer


Isidro Ferrer


Isidro Ferrer


In his works, the images play with different meanings and everyday objects take on exceptional importance, becoming signifiers of amazing content and often serve as a means to represent himself. Ferrer often plays with surrealism combining shocking statement and photography together, adding a new dimension. Textures play an important role in his compositions of materials which become humanized or "animalized” forming unique characters.




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